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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Prayerful Booger Picker (Bless His Heart)

I often wonder if you hit a certain age and get to the point where you just don't care what people think??? 

Case in point - I was getting on the bus on Tuesday morning and was doing my normal quick glance through the bus to find the right seat.  You want to pick a seat with a smaller person as larger ones don't share well and that's a bad combo with hips like I have.  I usually don't choose the person who is already asleep as they will be in drool world in no time. Don't pick the person with several bags or the huge rolling bag situation. Oh look, this guys  is having some prayer and bible reading time.  This seems a safe bet.  Plus it never hurts to get all up in someones prayer time. Some holy goodness might just stay with ya for the day!!! 

So I decide to take a seat.  The gentleman must have been in his 60's (not saying that's old) and was very well kept.  I am guessing we can give his wife credit for that because a single man over 50 usually has so many stray eyebrow/nose hairs!  I sit down and he finishes up his prayers and starts reading his bible.  I am tinkering on my phone and he turns his reading light on and continues his bible time.  In a few moments he is picking his nose!!!  Not just a quick little scratch of the nose, A FULL BLOW NOSE DIG! Who does this?  Then I get so panicked thinking it was going to get caught in the wind from the air vent and get blown my way.  I start to get a little sick to my joke...with a bout of anxiety.  I tried to focus on something else but I couldn't.  Where was he going to put this? Do I offer him a Kleenex?  Doesn't he think its odd that he is picking his nose and rolling and flicking a booger IN PUBLIC??? I really wish I was kidding folks, but I am not. 

I often get a kick out of crude humor but this was a line crosser.  My conclusion...he just didn't care.  If God be for you, who can be against you! (raising hand) ME...I'M AGAINST BOOGER PICKER BUS GUY...bless his heart! (My Grandma says if you say this it cancels out the somewhat negative thing you might have just said about someone).

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