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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Random Excitement and Observations

It seems that as soon as I started this blog, the bus rides have gotten boring.  Nothing super crazy or exciting has gone on.  Its been the smaller weird or humorous items that have kept me entertained this week! Lets see if I can do a brief recap....

-The guy sitting next to me was sleeping with his backpack in his lap and his arms wrapped around the backpack.  As he falls asleep his arms slowly release from the bag and drop! He jolts awake just to clasp his fingers back together and try it again...and BOOM...jolted awake again.  Give it up my friend.

-Seems the buses have been really full lately.  Which means the bus ends up filling up with people standing all the way down the aisles.  I wish I had some crystal ball for knowing when this is going to happen so that I can sit on the inside by the window.  I believe I have mentioned this on Facebook, but this is a real problem to me. Gentlemen, when you are standing in the aisle....please face forward. Don't turn your crotchel region towards my face.  It makes for an awkward ride for me.  I have actually tried to take a picture from my perspective before. I will keep trying but as I point the camera towards some random mans nether regions I always seem to get the giggles! GEEZ RACHEL, GROW UP!

-A friend of mine from work sat by me this week on the way to work.  He quickly mentioned he would do his best not to do anything worthy of making the blog.  I think I have people scared.....

-Yesterday I exited the bus and was rushing to my car in order to make a Dr.'s apt.  I was flying up the three floors of stairs.  Apparently the person in front of me had an upset stomach...they crop dusted me the entire way up the stairs!  It wasn't pleasant at all. What made this even more awkward is there was a group of people behind me!!! So I'm sure they thought it was ME!!!! I was tempted to turn around an announce that it wasn't me but figured that would make me look guilty!  I left it alone and gave the culprit the ol' stank eye as I walked passed them to my car.

-So I am ALL for team spirit! But some people take it to an extreme.  There was a lady on the bus this week who had on an LSU t-shirt and jacket. She was carrying an LSU lunch box and umbrella as well.  Whoa there Barney.....try branching out a bit.

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  1. HAHAHA you got crop dusted up three flights of stairs! This is brilliant.