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Friday, February 1, 2013

You can't be vomit girl, ok??

I am reminded of why I hate the Friday bus! My normal bus doesn't have a mid day bus and I get off at noon. Most fridays my cousin picks me up. But sometimes when she is busy I park at another park and ride. The bus ride home is not only packed with people it is 4 or 5 stops!!! I'm so motion sick right now!! Having a serious talk with myself..."self, if you puke on this bus you will be everyone's funny story this weekend". Self doesn't seem to care...still sick. Breath deep! Don't be vomit girl!

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  1. Rachel, I'm moving downtown on the corner of Capitol and Main this month. I'll be taking the Greenlink to work. Shorter trip than you but I'm sure I'll have some stories to swap! Love your blog...keep it up!