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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Catching Up..Oh the things yall have missed!

I have taken a bit of a hiatus from my bus diaries lately but that doesn't mean that I haven't had anything happening that's for sure.  I have been keeping notes as things occurred so that I could be sure to share them with you!

Lets see....

One never gets used to the random crazy homeless people who walk up to you while you are in line waiting on the bus.  We do things like try to avoid eye contact, busy yourself with finding something in your bag etc.  But that only works when you KNOW they are crazy by the stench that approaches first and their disheveled look.  As I was walking up to my line the other day there was a perfectly normal looking man in business attire who had sequestered some innocent man waiting in the 216 line.  He was ranting on and on about the workers that were in the street drilling.  I tried to listen in to see if he was talking about some drama that I might have missed.  I quickly realized he was BONKERS!  He was clearly upset by something but certainly wasn't getting the point across jumping from subject to subject in his rant.  The poor guy kept trying to turn his back and shake this character but to no avail.  I am starting to realize that ANYONE can be crazy in Houston.  Bless his heart!

Might I go on a bit of a rant myself....sorry to those of you who do not know what I am talking about.  But for the select few who do....maybe this venting will help us to feel better.  I AM SICK OF FEELING LIKE THE REDHEADED STEP CHILD TO THE 214 BUS!  Those of us who ride the 217 stand in the longest line stretched down to the next block just happy to get a small space to stand in for our 45 minute trek home.  214 people have a bus a minute and will turn their noses up at a half full bus!  I say they should be generous and share some of those buses with 217.  Don't think they would even notice!

One evening last week I was riding home and it was a later bus than I normally take.  I sat by the window and shared the row with some guy.  We hit traffic, CAUSE ITS RUSH HOUR, and he starts getting all wound up.  He started mumbling under his breath.  I smile and nod when he looks towards me, cause hey, I don't like traffic either.  Then he starts huffing and puffing.  Oh man, I am CERTAIN he is a road rager like no one I have ever seen when he is driving!  He starts flailing in his seat, fussing under his breath and huffing and puffing.  People are starting to look our direction.  So I do what anyone else would do, I roll my eyes and cock my head as if to say "get a load of this guy" so no one thought I was on team road rage! I am sure he was in a nice mood when he got home.

I didn't know I was claustrophobic until recently.  I had one episode years back but lately its been creeping up on me more often.  I'm sitting on the bus next to a VERY TALL MAN on my right side.  Then at the last stop before we hit the highway we pick up an aisle full of people standing.  This very large man decides to stand right next to me.  So now I am sandwiched in between Tweedledee and Tweedledum with no room for air! I am starting to pant a little.  GULP, breath Rachel!  I start picturing the cartoon version of this with the two Alice and Wonderland characters on either side of me smooshing me and my head is popped out like one of those stress ball things and a big bubble that says GASP, GULP!  Then I realize I have just distracted myself with this thought and bam....we are home! Sometimes it pay to have little cartoon clips happening in your head!

And last but not least.....REASON WHY I'M NOT COOL:
I host a class that all the CPA's in our company attend to get their yearly allotment of hours to keep their license.  Monday was the last one for March.  It was by far the most people we have ever had in a class.  There was NO MORE ROOM! Not to mention we had run out of some of the food!  YIKES! The course gets started and I busy myself.  I got up during the session and took something up to the front to one of the VPs, I walked all around cleaning up the food etc etc.  I was passing the time.  I start to walk around handing out the credit info sheets to EVERYONE IN THE CLASS when I realize I had split the side of my new dress! It had to be about a 3 inch hole!  WHAT! When did this happen.  My lovely friend at the front desk helped safety pin me so that I was decent the rest of the day.  Wonder if anyone would have told me had I started walking around????

Then, the big "I'm not the cool kid" moment.  I am sitting on the VERY FRONT ROW of the bus on the right hand side (see post from earlier in the week...scary ride) so I am the first one off the bus.  I jump off the bus and start up the staircase to the 3rd level where I always park (or I lose my car).  I have a heard of people behind me.  I get to the last flight of stairs when I step right out of my shoe!!!!  DANG IT!  I turn back (stopping the flow of traffic all the way down) and see my shoe sitting a couple of steps down right where I had stepped.  I have to back up, slip my foot back in my shoe and I carry on my merry way....trying not to bust out laughing.  It was funny, but I am sure they were all thinking I was a goober...WAIT...I am!

14 Reasons to Avoid Public Transportation

Thanks Amber Leone for the laugh!!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Panic Attack or Dumb & Dumber Reenactment?

It's been a while since I have made a post. I have a list going of things to catch up on so stay tuned. Until then enjoy my current view...cause I'm not. Bus was extremely full when it got to my stop so I am lucky to have a seat. If you read my blog you know thats not a good option for a cluts like me. The open seat was at the very front of the bus! Oh help me little baby Jesus! Not the side behind the driver with the big plastic screen but the other side!!! I am not so comfortable with this! I can't decide if I want to reenact the scene from Dumb and Dumber where they were swinging their arms acting like they were running really fast or have a panic attack. Just a scary view! Now I'm getting tickled thinking about the reactions I could get if I did the Dumb & Dumber silliness. If I only had the guts!