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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Catching up: From Brayby's to Abominable Snowmen

Hello all, I have been falling short of my duties of reporting ridiculous stuff to you guys! It's been a really crazy past few months. Mainly because we are getting adjusted to BEING PREGNANT!!!!  Yes, come January we will be bringing a little Brayby (get it....our last name is Bray...ha ha ha!) into the world.  We are beyond excited and just cant wait to see out little bundle of joy. Although, I'm not gonna lie....after we found out the news that we had hoped all hit me.  We REALLY are gonna have a got REAL at that point!  So many things to think about and figure out and WE KNOW NOTHING.  At least I am old enough to know I know nothing. 

Even though life has been busy I am still riding the 'ol Metro bus and enjoying all that Houston transit has to offer! Earlier today I posted a few I had jotted down a while back.  There were a few more I had tucked away that I thought I would share with you all.  I have been asking all my fellow bus riders to share their stories with me so I can add them to my blog.  Someone recently told me that there was a lady on their bus who was a daily bus rider.  One day they all got on the bus and were headed down the street when the woman JUMPPED out of her seat and screamed "OH SHIT....I forgot that I drove in today".  She had to jump off the bus and hightail it back to wherever she parked.  Sometimes being in a routine will get ya! 

Sometimes I think it might be good to ban chewing gum completely!  I mean if people are not smart enough or courteous enough to throw their gum in a trash can when they are done.....then they should lose the dang privilege. How many times have you stepped in gum and had to drag your foot on the ground for a mile to get it partially off?  NASTY!  Well as if that isn't nasty enough....some JERK of a person decided to put a wad of gum on the button that you press on the arm rest to lean the chair back.  So I grab a seat one day, go to recline my seat.....and stick my dang hand right in someone's chewed gum.  That was an intentional thing someone did and I just pray that they get hemorrhoids the size of grapefruit!  That would serve them right! 

One last story for today.  But I will have to paint this picture for you because I figured taking a picture would be a little rude.  I got on the bus this morning and there were only a few people on the bus.  So I head down the aisle and grab myself a seat.  I was so excited to have gotten to sit on the inside and was sort of hoping that it would be an empty bus so I could have the seat to myself.  It was just one of those mornings where I just didn't want to be all friendly and share a seat.  I wasn't quite ready for human interaction yet.  Well, with my tacky attitude I deserve what I got.  The bus starts filling up and I am just sitting there reading on my phone.  A lady walks towards me and starts to move into my row.  I am not really paying attention and just make sure I am on my side and out of her way.  She sits down and I kid you not....I was dwarfed by her size.  Now that's not easy to do because I am about 5' 8" and I have some hips on me along with fairly wide shoulders.  This gal was overweight but mainly she was just a BIG WOMAN.  She sat up way taller than me and I couldn't see around her if I wanted to look at someone across the row.  I moved over as far as I could towards the wall and she was still pressing my legs a bit.  I didn't wiggle too much even though I HATE being touched by random bus strangers because I didn't want her to feel self-conscious at all.  So I just sat there and tried not to think about what we must look like all crammed in there.  But if I try not to think of something funny.....I just can't help it. I got a mental picture of the cartoon where the Abominable Snowman is grasping Daffy Duck in his hands and saying he's gonna "love him and hug him and keep him all for his very own".  Then I got tickled and faught off the laughter for a mile or two.  If my life didn't play in my head as a cartoon clip I might be able to act like a growup from time to time.

A few Old Stories....I am a bit behind!

Well good day to all! My computer is actually cooperating with me today so lets see if I can make sense of the quick notes I jot down in order to remember all my bus happenings. I have actually asked a few of you for bus stories before but I have gotten only one....I am surprised! I know crazy happens on all buses not just the 217! So If you would like to share your stories with me I would love to add them to my blog! Just send them to So a friend of mine who has ridden the bus for many years told me an interesting story.  She had gotten on the bus and grabbed a seat in the first row.  Shortly after a lady across the way gets her attention and tells her that the row she is sitting in is reserved for handicapped and elderly people. To which she replies, yes I know, and asked if the lady needed to sit there.  The lady said "no" but proceeded to tell her this same information about 3 more times!  Here is my question....are you supposed to leave the seat open or take it and just move if a handicapped person or elderly person should enter the bus?  I figure it works like the handicapped stall in the restroom.  If you are next in line its all yours....unless there is a handicapped person and then they trump you.  Maybe I have these rules all wrong.  Who knows, I might have offended masses of people on the bus and in the bathroom!  If so, may this serve as my apology. Unless more people side with me and in that case, get in line folks!

The other day one of our usual bus drivers picked us up and we proceeded down the road to a few more stops before we got on the freeway.  I noticed the bus driver closed the door and in a minute she opened it up again.  I never saw anyone get on so I was wondering what was going on.  In a minute I see her waving her arms a bit. I wasn't sure if she was signaling to someone outside the bus or what.  Next thing you know she grabs her water bottle, takes the cap off, and slings water towards the door.  I am HIGHLY confused at this point. Then she starts fussing and I managed to make out something about a bug.  That lady slung water all over the front of that bus and who knows if that bug was out.....but sure looked like a dang monsoon had happened up there.

The other morning I make in onto the bus and grab one of the last seats in the bus.  I'm sitting int the aisle next to a gentleman I see frequently.  I get myself situated and such and am preparing for my little siesta when out of the corner of my eye I see him looking at me.  I turn to look at him and he looks away.  I thought "do I have a booger?".  I proceed with my nestling in for my nap and I feel him looking at me.  So I glance back his way. He quickly looks straight ahead.  WEIRD.  I closed my eyes for a moment enjoying the back of my eyelids when I wondered what the man was doing now.  So I open my eyes and he is looking towards me but just past me.....hhhmm. He is really creeping me out at this point.  I glare at him trying to let him know he has been stop! I close my eyes and start to drift off when I can feel his leg brush mine. OH NO....I can't handle this.  So I sit straight up, move as far towards the aisle as I can and glare at him.  I am not sitting there a second or two before I see him relax his leg and it brushes me again. GGGEEEERR....why I don't have more guts in these situations I don't know. I should have said a thing or two to him but I didn't.  I sat my chair straight up.  Grabbed my purse and scooted it more towards him so he would hit it and maybe not me and leaned in towards the aisle enough to where he knew he was a huge inconvenience to me at this point.  My skin was crawling!  The second I got to my stop I jumped out of my seat and ran for it! I would like to implement a new rule, you touch me more than once I taze you!