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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Reasons Why I'm not the Cool Kid!!!!

In addition to my bus diaries I think I will add in a new segment.  I will call it "reasons why I'm not the cool kid".  As random things happen to me, as a reminder of why I am not cool, I will share them! Here is an example...

My husband and I were at a car dealership this weekend looking at a car that we were pretty close to buying.  A good friend of mine works at the dealership and had referred us to a really nice salesman.  We went outside to look the car over and then take it for a test drive.  The salesman was walking around the car helping us inspect it and check out the features.  He opens the trunk to show it to us.  I'm standing in the middle and reach in to look at something.  When I pulled my hand back out and was reaching up to grab the trunk, I straight up busted the poor guy in the face smashing his glasses into his head!!!!!  Uh, I'm sorry (hands in the air shrugging shoulders).....Sometimes I think I should give a disclaimer to people I meet, but it would be rather long.  I would include, "might cause bodily harm to herself and others at any given moment (cause she isn't the cool kid)".  Good thing I can laugh at myself.  Learned to at a young age out of self-defense!

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