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Monday, January 28, 2013

Old Man Magnet (aka the day I dissed Kenny Rogers)

Yep, apparently that's what I am. Really doesn't matter where I'm at, if there is an older gentleman he's most likely going to try and strike up a convo. I like to think its because I'm refined and sophisticate but I'm guessing its something more along the lines of I actually smile and make eye contact with people (not a big trend among the younger folks in the business world). There are a few gentlemen who I end up on the bus with quite frequently who love to chit chat and will come stand by me in line. As I was just entering the bus I got stared at until I acknowledged this one guy (looks like Kenny Rogers before his scary surgery). But I feel slightly bad because I chose not to sit by him and just did a small bit of chit chat and moved along. Truth be told I wanted to play Ruzzle all the way home and not talk.

Anywho, sorry bus life hasn't been too funny these days. I'm certain it will pick up. I also tried to go back through my Facebook profile to pull my early Bus Diaries but Facebook seems to only show pictures on my timeline and not posts. If anyone knows how I can get to things from last year I posted, let me know. I really think some priceless moments might be list on Facebook limbo!!!

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