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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Catchin' Up

I plan to sit down this evening and go back to the beginning of my bus trips (all 10 months or so) and post all the ones I have put on Facebook in the past. But, until then here are a few starting from around the holidays until now.

Dec. 3, 2012:
You know what’s almost as entertaining as the people on the bus??? Sitting up high and seeing into everyone's vehicles!  So many nose pickers, reading while driving, and today...knitting while driving!

Dec 12, 2012:
Well, things have been fairly uneventful until yesterday.  I have run into this situation a time or two but refrained from posting about it.  But, I have had enough!!! P.S.A. (public service announcement)- It is NEVER ok to fart on the bus!!! It was unusually cruel last night after working late, waiting in the cold in a line a mile long just to have to stand the entire time! Add in there the 20 other people packed in the aisle with me, the smoldering temp on the bus, and my inability to be coordinated enough to stand in a bus while it’s moving! After all of that Sir. Toots-a-lot, I bite my thumb at you!!!

Jan. 3, 2013:
I guess this morning’s ride is a test of my nerves.  Lady next to me is snoring AND tapping her foot.  Bus driver is doing the press hard on the gas, let off, repeat maneuver and did I mention not only does the heater not work...its blowing freezing air!!! I can't feel my feet!!! Counting to ten and taking a deep breath! It's only uphill from here!

Jan. 7, 2013:
I learned a new trick today. If you are blowing your nose as people enter the bus they will avoid sitting next to you.  If being disgusting is all I need to get the bench to myself...I've got this in the bag!

Jan. 9, 2013:
Who knew my bus ride would be even more diet/exercise motivation? My section of the bus is shaking and making me do a slight shimmy - constantly!!! Jiggle, jiggle!!

Jan. 15, 2012:
To the gentleman next to me who won't share the you know what S.B.D. (Silent But Deadly)means?? You are about to!!!

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