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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Disclaimer...Pepe Le Pew kind of morning :(

Remember yesterday when I said things have been dull on the bus...well no more....I feel I need to make a disclaimer to anyone I might come in contact with today....I'm pretty certain we hit a skunk!!! Yep, it's seeping into my hair and clothes as we speak!! We didn't just pass one as I'm sure it would have cleared out by now. No, we at least grazed the sucker! It's a bit intoxicating anytime of day but when you are half awake and feeling annoyed by having to function...gggeeerrrr! The bus is about to descend on downtown and we will all disburse and go our separate ways dragging a little bit of Pepe Le Pew with's not me...honest! Maybe the bus driver will write me a note. Like mom used to do for school??

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