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Thursday, May 16, 2013

My Metro Bus Version of E! News (queue catchy music)

**I would like to implement a new rule for all the bus riders at 6am in the morning.  If you are a cutesy, perfectly put together female....please do not sit in my general vicinity on the bus. You make me look bad! When I wake up, I do just the bare minimum to not look homeless or embarrass my bosses.  Heck most of my thoughts when I am getting dressed center around figuring out how soon I can get to bed that night and NOT what adorable ensemble I can put together. Halfway through the day I do start thinking that maybe I should have spent more time putting together an outfit or making up my face (after coffee has taken effect). 

I look especially bad compared to this cutest gal on my same morning bus.  Granted she is younger than me. But, she is just so well dressed every day, from her cute hair-dos to her pressed clothing and her high heels that she wears from her car, down the stairs and to the bus (while I am loafing along in my granny flats...I used to care...).  Now, I have never been one of those girls who hates other girls for being cute.  So go on with your bad self little Missy.  But I have to say, I saw her the other morning without makeup and thought to myself "YAY, she isn't perfect all the time and she isn't feeling the AM anymore than I am".  But alas, my moment of feeling better about myself was soon dissipated by her AMAZING ability to put on her entire face while riding on a bus.  COMPLETE WITH EYE LINER!!! What tha???....I sort of idolize her now.  Good gravy would I be a hot mess!!  Not only would I have a road map drawn all over my face with eye liner etc, I would gouge my eye out and be squirting blood in no time.  I gotta give her even more credit.....home girl has skills!

**One of the most entertaining things on the bus ride is actually listening to the dispatchers and bus drivers talking over their radios back and forth to each other.  Sometimes you get a bus driver who has their radio volume turned up full blast and you get to enjoy the banter.  I have chuckled every now and then at some of the things that are said.  But for the most part they keep it copacetic.  We got so lucky the other day when our driver had his radio up loud.  It was a conversation between a bus driver and the dispatcher and they were NOT getting along at all.  You could first here the sarcasm in their voices, then the dispatcher lady cut to the chase.  She called the bus driver out and straight up told him he was being rude and he needed to "listen better".  Oh was on.  He did not appreciate that and he let her know.  I just couldn't believe they were doing all of this over the radio waves knowing anyone could listen in.  I wish we could have chimed in and egged them on!  That's what I call some good quality entertainment!

**OK - This story is complete with a picture at the end.  Although its not the best.  I was trying to snap a picture but the lighting was off. Then when I got a better shot I was worried I would be found out.  Here's the story: This week I was standing at the bus stop waiting for my bus after work.  I was probably 4th in line and my bus number is in the middle of two other buses lines.  I look up and the lady at the very front of the line to my left was a sight to behold.  She was a short lady I'm guessing in her late 60's.  She has short hair and is wearing a bright blue headband with HUGE blue roses across one side of it.  As I was taking in the rest of her outfit I realize that she was very color coordinated!!!  She had on a SHEER black shirt with stars on it and a BRIGHT BLUE bra on underneath it.  I mean, she was spot on with her headband bra matching just seemed a bit inappropriate to me. I will say, I have never once thought to myself...."hhhmmm I wonder if I have a headband to match this bra".  But who knows, it might be in In Style Magazine next week! Little trend setter? I sure hope not....I don't have the headband collection for that...ha ha. (I cut her head off but she walked away before I could retake the picture)

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  1. that lady looks like a wal-mart calamity! seriously funny stuff.