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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A Movement, a Revelation and a Public Service Announcement

Good day to you!

I just want to start this off by making a HUGE apology to the man who almost hit me head on this morning!  Truthfully it really was my fault and I was immediately mouthing to him that I was sorry (I was very animated and everything - even had my hands in the begging/prayer position).  Here is what about getting your blood pumping first thing in the am....

I was on Barker Cypress about to turn left onto the feeder street of the 290 freeway.  Several cars in front of me were able to take an unprotected left turn.  I followed behind them waiting my turn.  When my turn came I got a little worried by the car heading straight at me.  I just reacted before I really thought it through and put on my breaks and was going to just wait for the next turn.  Better safe than sorry I was thinking.  I guess not.  Next thing I know a truck is heading straight at me head on from the feeder turning left onto Barker Cypress Rd. He screeches to a halt and is laying on his horn.  Now, I take full responsibility for this but come on Mr. I was half a car link past the white line and even if I had been behind the line you would have been turning into the oncoming lane pretty much in order to be facing me head on.  I immediately start mouthing my apology to the man (insert above mentioned hand gestures).  But he stayed right where he was and I tried to scooch back as far as I could so he was able to get by.  The entire time he is LAYING on his horn screaming and waiving at me.  I really didn't mean it sir, I am so sorry.  I was pretty shaken by the whole thing and quite frankly my feelings were hurt by the irate truck driver yelling at me.  Somehow everyone else made it past me just fine.  Why he couldn't just give me the 'ol stank eye and drive on past I don't know.  That is my weapon of choice (the stank eye) when I am mad at someone on the road.  It lets them know you are annoyed and you want them to think about their actions.  Spread the word people, stank eye is the way to go.  Maybe I can start a movement complete with cutesy signs with catchy sayings to promote this movement that we can post on facebook.  Works for everything else right!

Most days I end up on the same bus with lots of the same people.  There is this one lady who I have seen since I started riding the bus and really want to share something with her.  Ya see, she only seems to fix the front of her hair each day.  Its the strangest thing.  She has short hair and she curls the front upwards and fluffs it up.  Then it looks like she grabbed maybe two wads of hair towards the back and quickly stuck a curling iron in it.  She doesn't even bother to separate these wads or fluff them.  I cant quite figure out why she wouldn't take a gander at the back of her head at some point in her life.  Yesterday I sat behind her and was fixated on her wads of hair.  I wanted to separate them and fluff her all up.  I even thought of ways I could maybe touch her head.  Like if I did the head rub thing and was like "hey you, hows it going".  But we don't know each other so that might be weird.  Then I started thinking, maybe she never looks behind herself for a reason.  If you don't look behind you, you don't know whats wrong back there.  I mean, most of my flaws are on the back side of me...what the heck....I should have done this a long time ago instead of dieting and such!  WOW - problem solved.....I feel better about myself already!

I feel as if I should make a public service announcement.  I know it is tough when you ride the bus and you need to haul stuff to work or home from work. Sometimes you just don't have an option other than driving in and that's silly to do every time you need to carry something. So we all try to be understanding when you are trying to cram yourself in the seat with your item after having knocked everyone's heads off getting to your seat.  But here is where I draw the line.....PLEASE DON'T BRING A STARGAZER LILLY BOUQUET ON THE BUS!!!!! For those of you who don't know this, the lilies have this orange pollen stuff on the stamen or pistol (can't remember my flower anatomy) that will stain your clothes worse than anything you have ever seen!!!!! I mean this stuff is impossible to get out of clothes. So it might be best if you either leave your flowers at work or drive yourself.  I wont hesitate to hand you my dry cleaning bill should you spread your pollen! Keep your pollen to yourself!

That is all. :)

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